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How to leave WhatsApp Group without other members

How to leave WhatsApp Group without other members

WhatsApp is now one of the most popular messaging applications in the world. Not only convenience is offered, but also a variety of features available on WhatsApp. One feature that is often used on download whatsapp 2020 is with the WhatsApp group. But for some people, the WhatsApp group can be very annoying. This happens if the user has a large number of WhatsApp groups and does not feel comfortable in one group. Sometimes there is a desire to leave the WhatsApp group, but there are feelings of shyness to feel guilty. Not only that, the feeling of being afraid of being valued without respect for other groups can also arise.


There are 3 ways you can leave the WhatsApp group without being found out by the group members.


1. Change Number


One way we can do this is by changing numbers. But before doing so, make sure we have already backed up all of our WhatsApp data. To do this, we select the 'settings' menu, then tap 'chat' and 'back up chat'. After that, return to the 'settings' menu, select 'account', and 'change number'.


Perform the process of changing the number as usual steps. Then, enter the phone's settings menu, select the 'application' menu, select 'the WhatsApp application', delete the data with 'clear data'. After that, enter the WhatsApp application and we will restart WhatsApp as the first time. Next, we select 'restore' all the data that was backed up earlier.


Then, your WhatsApp will return to the same way with the same chat. Now chat in the WhatsApp group will change to 'subject not recognized'. So when you have left, no one will know.


2. Change the temporary number


In addition, we can use a way to change the temporary number and replace the old number. Perform all steps such as backing up messages to erase all data in the WhatsApp application, such as method number 1. Next, we just need to re-register on WhatsApp with the old number. After 15 minutes, we can delete data or clear data.


3. Erase all WhatsApp data


In addition to the two ways above, there are other steps so that we can leave the WhatsApp group so they don't get caught. This method is quite effective when we want to leave all WhatsApp groups. However, the disadvantage is that we cannot use the same number. The reason is, if we erase all data and re-register WhatsApp then we will return to the group left behind. Whatsapp 2020 to do this, select the 'settings' menu then select' application manager ', after that search for the WhatsApp application and select' delete memory and delete data.

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